Vinyasa Yoga Classes

by Bibi Yoga

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Bibi Yoga is an initiative that offers in person and online Vinyasa Yoga Classes in London, helping you navigate your yoga journey and unleash your potential, .

Whether you are looking to expand your range of motion, improve your health, strength or manage stress, there is a flow that can be customized to achieve your goals.

Inquire today to find out more about the best Vinyasa Yoga Classes in London.

As an experienced Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Bibi Yoga’s practice focuses on Vinyasa Yoga classes, while still having an extensive record in additional styles of yoga as well.

Welcome to the inviting and fluid world of Vinyasa Yoga in London.

Set out on the journey of the soul.

Let every step be its own reward.

Let discernment be the warrior’s sword.

Let sacred love be your only goal.



“Bibi’s yoga class is wonderful. She is a patient instructor who is always willing to explain moves properly, but she also stresses the importance of well-being. Your mind and body will feel rejuvenated.”

– Anya S.

“Bibi is a beautiful soul and an authentic teacher which resonates in her yoga classes. She has a calming vibe and always reminds me why I love yoga.”

– Paul S.

“Bibi is always so welcoming and adaptive in her teaching style. Her enthusiasm shines through and makes each session even better. Very faithful to traditional yoga practice but translating the postures into practical, everyday language that anyone can comprehend.”

– Mariela B.

“Bibi opened a world of yoga to me, I feel exceptionally lucky to be able to share my yoga journey with her. She is a very talented, patient, kind and knowledgeable yoga teacher, I would highly recommend her yoga classes.”

– Olena S.

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Why Vinyasa Yoga?

Vinyasa Yoga is a practice that fosters well-being while tending to the body, mind and soul. Among its many benefits, Vinyasa Yoga Classes increase flexibility and blood flow, improve posture and balance, promote mental clarity, decrease stress and anxiety.

Vinyasa Yoga Classes also known as Vinyasa Flow Yoga Classes consist of a beautiful flow of movements in which yoga practitioners of all levels are embraced by their own breath and connect back to their essence. Vinyasa Flow Yoga practice creates an incredible energy that benefits one’s whole being.

Bibi Yoga’s Vinyasa Yoga practice is suitable for all levels, offering:

– Beginner Vinyasa Yoga Classes;
– Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Classes;
– Advanced Vinyasa Yoga Classes,